Monday, March 1, 2010

Providence Children's Film Festival!

Gretchen Ryan O'Connor

The Providence Children's Film Festival kicked off it's inaugural year with great results. The staff were happy with the turnout. "We were thrilled with the overwhelming response with families in Rhode Island that attended, and we areexcited for next year." Says Kate Flanders a staff member for the festival.
And believe me, I am excited for the next year and the new line of fantastic films.
Most tickets to the films were free of charge. As a volunteer I had just as much fun as the hildren. The choice of films fit even the pickest film watchers. They ranged from laugh-out-loud short films, to heavy films about the lives of children in different countries.
Besides the movies, workshops were set up for kids and tens. The festival was a great time to share with your family in the cold February winter. Be sure to catch it next time. For more informaion on the films or the festival visit

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